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Providing Turnkey Environmentally Responsible Solutions to Meet Our Customers Evolving Needs.

Environmental & Specialized Contractor

Local State and Federal Agencies | Business & Private Sector

Alamo1 is a full service environmental contractor that specializes in large-scale industrial construction, demolition, remediation, abatement, energy, emergency response, trucking, stormwater, and drone services.

Our employees create and utilize innovative technologies to improve employee safety and reduce customer costs. We provide turnkey services for a variety of project scopes.

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Natural disasters, fires, and unexpected plumbing emergencies. Alamo1 provides 24-hour emergency and immediate mitigation and restoration services to help get your business up and running. ASAP!

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"Alamo1 provides safe and professional solutions with quality services, to meet each client's budgeting and scheduling requirements. Alamo1 will be compliant with all regulatory requirements and will utilize industry standards while seeking the most cost-effective solutions."

Alex Salas - President & CEO

"Alamo1 is different than other contractors because we pride ourselves on being a family-oriented business. We are a company that values our employees. These values create the work ethic toward the project and the loyalty to our customer"

Maria Hernandez - Manager, Human Resources

"Alamo1 is an Industry leader because of the lengths we will go to satisfy (and exceed) the commitment to our customer. Alamo1 devotes the same commitment to the well-being of its team members. The attention to detail we bring to projects comes from a sense of pride. "

Pamela Howell -Secretary, Abatement and Demolition

Statement of Qualifications
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  •   28 Years of Experience
  •   10+ Specialized Industries
  •   Large-Scale Management
  •   Environment Protection
  •   Local, State & Federal
  •   24Hr. Emergency Response
  •   Aerial Photography
  •   Much More & More...

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