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We are proud of the many clients we have satisfied with our work and our professionalism.

“Alamo1 provides safe and professional solutions with quality services, to meet each client’s budgeting and scheduling requirements. We are committed to developing new and innovative approaches to successfully complete all of our projects by applying the latest technologies to achieve compliance with all regulatory requirements and standards while seeking the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.”  

For contributions during the 2015 HPAI (Avian Influenza) outbreak response in the Midwest U.S.

Scott served as an extremely valuable advisor to our leadership on hand, calling on his previous experience as an EPA Federal On-Scene Coordinator and coaching our team on the complexities of working a sustained Type 1 event such as HPAI, which was the largest animal health disease outbreak response in USDA history. It was extraordinary how quickly he immersed himself into our culture.

Nov 2015 - Dr. Jack Shere, MD, PhD - Chief Veterinary Officer, USDA

Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery Effort

"On February 1, 2003, our Nation and the entire world were shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of seven courageous space explorers, the STS-107 crew members on board the Space Shuttle Columbia. The unprecedented recovery operation, involving over 22,000 responders and representing 130 government and volunteer agencies, private groups and contractors, succeeded well beyond all expectations. The main search area of over 550,000 acres- a landscape nearly the size of the state of Rhode Island- was thoroughly searched by air, ground and water in a matter of weeks, resulting in the recovery of approximately 82,000 Shuttle items, nearly 40 percent of total Shuttle weight, including key parts vital to the investigation of the accident. Throughout the recovery effort, despite working long hours often over harsh terrain and under adverse weather conditions, you and your fellow search team colleagues and all those who supported this incredible effort demonstrated inspiring resolve and dedication to the task at hand. NASA and the many other federal agencies that supported the search and recovery effort wish to express our deepest gratitude for your dedicated effort& to facilitate the "Return to Flight" of the Space Shuttle Program. Your historic efforts have contributed greatly to our Nation's space program.

May 2003, John O’Keefe, Administrator NASA

Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery Effort

"In recognition of professional skill and devotion to duty in support of the Space Shuttle Columbia recovery effort. The acoustic search of over 20 square nautical miles and the safe conduct of over 3,100 dives by nine dive teams from federal, state and local diving agencies was unprecedented in the history of underwater search and recovery operations."

Jan 2004 - J.R. Wilkins III, Captain, United States Navy, Director of Ocean Engineering, Supervisor of Salvage and Diving

SA Sablechase HOA - Pond Cleanup

After our rains last night, I just wanted to tell you I was happy to see an Alamo1 team (Jay and another gentleman) out here this morning reviewing the ponds, removing the temporary tarp covers, and taking care of minor sediment issues. Thank you and your team- it is nice to not have to worry! Thank you,

Brad Botkin - SA Sablechase HOA, Inc. Drainage & Basins Committee Chair

Deepwater Horizon Response

During the Deepwater Horizon response, "Scott proved to be an invaluable link between the U.S. Coast Guard and the land managers including the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and various agencies of the State of Florida. Dr. Harris quickly developed an understanding and appreciation of the legal mandates and resource values of these land management agencies and was able to build an effective bridge between them, the U.S. Coast Guard and the contractors charged with clean-up response at the Branch level."

Jul 2010, National Park Service Incident Command Team

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