Alamo1 is able to provide a wide range of personnel, equipment and services for emergency and disaster management within and adjacent to the continental U.S.

In addition to extensive stand-alone capabilities, we are part of national response networks designed to provide incident support anywhere. Services include incident management, filling ICS positions, training, hotzone drone services, heavy equipment, hauling, containment, demolition, material storage, waste management, NORM and TNORM.

Logistics Services

  •    Incident Management
  •    Filling ICS positions
  •    Training
  •    Hot Zone Drone Services
  •    Heavy Equipment Services
  •    Hauling
  •    Containments
  •    Demolition
  •    Material Storage
  •    Waste Management
  •    NORM and TNORM

Emergency Services Available

  •    Hazardous Spill Cleanup
  •    Biological Spill Cleanup
  •    Spill Management
  •    Hazardous Cargo and Material Releases
  •    Non-Hazardous Cargo and Material Releases
  •    Response Management
  •    Pipeline Spills
  •    Spill Assessment, Leaks, and Ruptures
  •    Ambulance Cleaning and Restoration
  •    Ambulance Decommissioning
  •    Remediation of Retail / Industrial Facilities, and Restrooms
  •    Crime Scene Cleanup

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