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Energy Services is a division of industry qualified personnel servicing the full scope of the Energy companies within Texas. Our tenured project managers, technicians, licensed haulers, and service employees equipped and certified to work safely in and around all facets of the energy arena. Our diverse service includes collection, transports and processing used oil, oily water and other hydrocarbons for recycling.

We are fully licensed and permitted through the Texas Used Oil Registry, the Texas Railroad Commission, the TCEQ and the U.S. EPA as needed to provide our wide range of services.

  •    Pad Site Construction & Roads
  •    Concrete
  •    Portable Crusher
  •    Heavy Haul (600K LBS)
  •    Winch Trucks
  •    Vacuum Trucks: fuel/crude oil /gel water
  •    Storage tank facilities - owned
  •    Off-spec oil and gas hauler
  •    Oil/water separator cleanouts
  •    Hot Shot Service
  •    Frac Tank Cleaning & Hauling
  •    Tank & sump cleaning
  •    Rig Washing
  •    Containment Washing
  •    High Pressure Cleaning
  •    Pipeline pigging
  •    Sludge transporter
  •    Drum pickup and hauling
  •    Flow Back Cleaning
  •    Remediation
  •    Lease Crews
  •    Electrician
  •    Welding Service
  •    NORM Processing/and Removal
  •    HazMat Transportation
  •    Used oil filter handling
  •    Used oil fuel blending

Industry Certifications

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