Alamo1 Remediation is a direct provider of remedial and industrial services for a wide range of government and private sector clients. Fully vetted through ISN, Avetta, SafeLandUSA and similar contractor verification services, we deliver turn-key, best-value results with a focus on safety, compliance and best practices.

Richard Schriber, VP of Remediation Services, brings over 20 years of hands-on experience to every project, giving our clients the confidence that their high expectations will be met and exceeded every time. Whether a Fortune 100 oil company or a small local government, Alamo1 understands the challenges and implications of the work we do.

  •    Hazardous Materials Remediation
  •    Pond Closures and Capping
  •    Large/Small Scale Excavation
  •    Hydro-Excavation
  •    Air Spading
  •    Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Waste Stabilization
  •    Underground Storage Tank Removal
  •    Tank Cleaning
  •    Hazardous/Non-Hazards Waste Disposal
  •    Wastewater Treatment
  •    HDPE Installation
  •   Pipeline/Terminal Facility Maintenance
  •    Drum Removal, Recovery, & Overpack Disposal
  •    Sludge Removal and Solidification
  •    Facility/Site Construction and Closure
  •    Site Assessment and Characterization
  •    Sludge Bins
  •    Treatability Studies
  •    Bench-Scale Testing
  •    Full-Scale Implementation
  •    NORM Projects
  •    Petroleum Recycling
  •    Chemical Lab Packing and Disposal
  •    Environmental Construction
  •    Industrial Waste Removal


WTU SERVICES are available! In our ever-expanding network of wind turbines, ALAMO1 offers various remediation services to keep energy windfarms operating at highest capacity. Feel free to browse the WTU services offered

  •    Wind Turbine Unit Decommissioning
  •    WTU Disposal
  •    WTU Nacelle Disposal
  •    Remediation of Fluids, Grease & Components
  •    Windfarm Activities

How Can We Help You?

ALAMO1 provides new and existing clients with unmatched expertise, hands-on service, honest assessments, and job integrity. Contact us for information to get it done!

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