Specialized Construction CONTRACTORS

Alamo1 Specialized Construction is a full-service provider of construction management, engineering and support services to the government and private sectors. We provide safe, best-value solutions for our clients by focusing on a thorough working knowledge of client facilities and challenges.

All projects utilize experienced, multi-disciplined technicians and craftsmen, keeping direct lines of communication to ensure responsive project execution and maintaining a robust, responsive logistics system designed specifically to support the specialized requirements of our clients in their environment.

  •    Structural
  •    Mechanical
  •    Plumbing
  •    Electrical
  •    Design/Build
  •    Engineering Services
  •    Construction Management
  •    Maintenance & Facilities Support
  •    Commissioning
  •    Site Work/Space Site
  •    Laying Foundation
  •    Metal Building Construction
  •    Carpentry
  •    Drywall
  •    Ceilings
  •    Flooring
  •    General Contracting
  •    Renovations
  •    Job Order Contracting
  •    Subcontracting
  •    Procurement & Global Logistics
  •    Peer Review & Risk Management

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ALAMO1 provides new and existing clients with unmatched expertise, hands-on service, honest assessments, and job integrity. Contact us for information to get it done!

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