Specialized Transportation CONTRACTORS

ALAMO1 is one of the leading providers of specialized transportation needs, including semi-trucks, trailers, heavy hauls, and super heavy hauls.

ALAMO1 maximizes our ability for our customers’ specialized transportation needs by providing a comprehensive abnormal load fleet of extendable frames and trailers. Our specialized hauls are all designed to meet routing authorities’ requirements, engineering assessments, and state highway oversight. We comply with all safety and engineering mandates to fulfil different functions in terms of weight, size, load, and dimension.

We are proud to offer specialized “Jack & Slide” hauls using hydraulic jacking and sliding techniques to move and place super heavy loads. This is essential for maximum weight transformers in and out of limited areas, hard-to-reach, or restricted areas where cranes cannot be used.

ALAMO1 Specialized Transportation (and our partners, ALAMO1 Specialized Logistics), our team can provide all transportation and hauling services anywhere in the world. Our specialized crew is one of the few in the nation that can perform these operations, including handling the related logistics, hauling, site coordination, and all engineering requirements. We perform this while maintaining the strictest standards in safety.

Milton Harris, Vice President of Specialized Trucking, brings 20+ years in heavy-haul and oversize/overweight experience to every project. Strategically located out of San Antonio, Texas with a terminal in Houston, we move the items and in locations most competitors cannot.

Services Offered

  •    Heavy Haul (abnormal Load
  •    Multi-axle Trailers
  •    Lowboy Trailers
  •    Flatbed Trailers
  •    Step Deck Trailers
  •    Extendable Trailers
  •    Vacuum Truck Services
  •    Roll-Off Boxes (Water Tight with Roll Tarps)
  •    Roll-Off Trailer (double hauler)
  •    Frac Tanks

Our Fleet

  •    24-axle, 200-ton Diamond Dual Lane perimeter deck trailer
  •    13-axle, 85-ton lowboy trailers
  •    9-axle 100-ton lowboy trailers
  •    11-ton, 65-ton lowboy trailers
  •    11-axle, 75-ton lowboy trailers
  •    8-axle, 55-ton lowboy trailers
  •    6-axle, 50-ton lowboy trailers
  •    Double drop 50-ton lowboy trailers
  •    4-axle heavy haul trucks

How Can We Help You?

ALAMO1 provides new and existing clients with unmatched expertise, hands-on service, honest assessments, and job integrity. Contact us for information to get it done!

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