About The Alamo 1 Team

Our professional staff includes registered environmental professionals, safety specialists, geologists, and chemists. With more than 400 associates on staff, employees are available to respond to incidents and spills of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. All of our response and field personnel are trained in emergency response, hazardous materials handling, incident command and confined space entry and rescue. We maintain additional personnel to assist with emergency and non-emergency response, project cleanup, and scheduled remediation projects. Individual certifications and resumes are available upon request from the corporate office.

The education and technical training of Alamo1 personnel covers the full range of environmental disciplines and assures our clients thorough consideration of all critical environmental aspects key to each project.

For over two decades, our personnel have developed their respective areas of expertise to create one of the leading project management firms in the Southwest. Today, Alamo1 has expanded operations to include the entire state of Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Alex Salas

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Salas provides leadership for the organization’s growth and performance at all levels to ensure optimal customer service and business longevity. He continuously works to foster and strengthen relationships with technical and contracting personnel and clients and has traveled around the world in pursuit of new business opportunities with clients as well as to seek out acquisition targets and tuck in opportunities.

Mr. Salas negotiates contracts and implements strategic teaming relationships to ensure the company provides innovative service solutions to all clients. He is knowledgeable of federal, state, and local laws and international building codes governing construction projects worldwide. He also has extensive working knowledge of federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations as well as broad based experience in federal and state regulatory compliance.

Mike Sellers


As President of Alamo1, Mr. Sellers is responsible for directing the managerial and financial aspects of the company’s operations to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. With more than 20 years of experience in senior management positions, Mr. Sellers is recognized as a dynamic leader, motivator and results-driven professional, adept at strategic planning and operational execution to effectively drive multiple business unit operations to absolute success.

He works very closely with the Alamo1 Executive Team of Vice Presidents and Division Manager, to ensure the company is positioned for revenue growth, effectively handling and adjusting to the day to day operational challenges, so the company can continue to proactively provide solutions to clients’ needs, and continue to introduce new products and services to meet customer demands in competitive environments.

Rose Mendoza


As Controller of our San Antonio office, Ms. Rose Mendoza is directly responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting of an organization. She oversees the financial reporting procedures and methodologies of the corporation, ensuring their accuracy and adherence to proper format and standards. Ms. Mendoza’s responsibilities include managing day-to-day, monthly, quarterly and annual accounting department activities; applying generally accepted accounting principles to all activities; processing all invoices and payments to vendors and supervising timely remittances; monitoring, managing and forecasting cash flow; scheduling and directing billing to clients; preparing general ledger and financial statements on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis; monitoring activities of the firm’s accounting department; negotiating and maintaining relations with banking and financial institutions and administrating the computerized accounting system.

Jeff Galvan

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Mr. Galvan joined the Alamo1 team in 2017. He currently serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He has over 31 years of senior-level management experience in the environmental and construction industries. He has served most his career with a large national demolition and remediation contractor, serving in multiple positions. He has served as Project Manager, Environmental Division Manager, Business Development Manager and Vice President.

In his current role, Mr. Galvan is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic sales plan that aligns with our corporate goals, establishing sales, and marketing budgets. He leads the Alamo1 sales team in developing new business opportunities, increasing market share in each division, integrating marketing efforts across all business lines. He strongly believes in ensuring branding continuity throughout the Alamo1 division.

Mr. Galvan is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting, fishing, golf and beach time with his wife of 26 years and their 3 children.

Luke Gatlin

Business Development

Luke Gatlin is responsible for Business Development at ALAMO1. He is a multi-disciplined environmental professional with more than 40 years of experience. Mr. Gatlin served as an Environmental Compliance Officer for the Department of Defense, and Environmental Technical Advisor to the USEPA, NASA, FEMA and DHS.

As an Emergency Response Officer, Mr. Gatlin served in various response management roles during this country’s largest emergency response events including the Columbia Space Shuttle Recovery, Hurricane Katrina and Rita, and the Capital Hill Anthrax response. He has conducted Counter Terrorism Training and Exercises both nationally and internationally. Mr. Gatlin serves as Vice-President of the South Texas Association of Environmental Professionals.

David Robles

Vice President, Demolition

In a cutthroat field of competitors, Mr. Robles’s experience in demolition is one of the many reasons why ALAMO1 is one of leaders in the industry.

Mr. Robles leads the Demolition and Recycling division with experience that began in 1985. He comes from a family in demolition. Mr. Robles proudly relives the stories of all the years of hard work with his father and brothers, demoing hundreds of buildings by hand.

“My father was a haus,” Mr. Robles said with a nod of appreciation. “He worked hard – harder than I had ever seen. And he taught us how to work hard by keeping us going. He kept us working as long as he was working. Sun-up to sundown. The man never quit and he taught us the same. Demolition is all I’ve ever done. It’s all I’ve ever known. And, even through the hard work in the beginning – all the years of hard demo work by hand – I’ve loved every minute of it.”

It wasn’t long before Mr. Robles stepped in to lead a demolition company with jobs spread across the state. He leads with confidence because he had invested years to the practice. Now, he is respected and acknowledged as one of the best.

In his 34 years in the industry, Mr. Robles has an approach to each project that is guided by a crafted skillset. No detail within each job is overlooked. Mr. Robles is fully engaged and contributing at every step.

The ALAMO1 Demolition division specializes in deconstruction and demolition of nearly any structure. This includes work on commercial properties, schools, dozens of military installations, private properties, industrial complexes, warehouses, malls, and hospitals.

Mr. Robles’ direction is driven by offering turnkey demolition services. No shortcuts. No sub-standard service. No missed details. Because of this, Mr. Robles has established very deep roots in the industry – receiving repeat work from nearly every contractor he has served in the past.

The estimators in the Demolition division provide the same level of painstaking project attention. They have decades of estimating experience in their combined vitae. We are proud that Mr. Robles’ team includes the same good men and women he has working alongside for over thirty years.

Because of Mr. Robles, the Demolition and Recycling division of ALAMO1 has the foundation to service the largest demolition projects, and, the client relationships to ensure longevity as a leader.

Mr. Robles lives in a suburb of San Antonio with his wife, Michelle, their two kids, two dogs, and a cat. He is passionate about traveling, golf, fishing, and hunting.

Cole Keese

Vice President, Metal Buildings and Structures

Growing up as a second-generation metal fabricator and welder, Mr. Keese was born into the steel construction industry. He attended Kilgore College where he studied metallurgy and earned NACE certifications as a Corrosion Technician for pipeline and infrastructure and Cathodic Protection.

In 2011, he began his professional welding career for Union Pacific Railroad. He traveled the country replacing outdated wooden bridges with more structurally sound steel bridges. By 2014, Mr. Keese led a 6-man crew, completing bridge changeouts while meeting extreme deadlines to keep freight trains on schedule.

In 2017, Mr. Keese jumped headfirst into the metal building and steel frame home industry. His tenacity towards his craft quickly elevated him to be an exceptional contractor with an unparalleled reputation in the Texas Hill Country.

Steve Daugherty

Vice President, Abatement

Mr. Daugherty has been part of the ALAMO1 team for nearly two decades, and he now heads the Abatement Division. In a field where abatement managers, estimators, inspectors, and consultants stick around for decades, success is dictated by reputation. We are proud to say that Steve Daugherty is the name that folks know and respect.

In his 27 years of experience in Abatement, Mr. Daugherty understands any job scope. He has mastered the techniques, troubleshot insurmountable challenges, and faced every possible scenario with resolve and detail. His personal commitment to each project is unwavering. There is no variable overlooked.

Mr. Daugherty’s focus and drive has created an Abatement Division that is most requested by school districts, military bases, the Department of Defense, corporations, and homeowners. His advice is sought in meetings, boardrooms, and among colleagues in the industry. Steve Daugherty is the name mentioned when ALAMO1 receives a new referral. Mr. Daugherty’s commitment to ALAMO1 is equaled only by his commitment to his customer.

We are proud of the loyalty to which Mr. Daugherty adheres these past 27 years. Despite the profound time of service, Mr. Daugherty continues to work alongside many of the same, close group of good men and women who shared his work ethic. They are still his trusted Operations Manager and Supervisors. The loyalty is strong to the team and to the mission.

Mr. Daugherty lives in San Antonio with his wife, Emily. They enjoy camping, swimming, backyard barbecues, local restaurants, and the Spurs!

Milton Harris

Vice President, Specialized Trucking

Mr. Harris is an integral member of the Alamo1 team because of his expertise in the heavy hauling field. He has been in trucking and transportation since 1994 as an oversized and over-dimensional driver. He also has experience in construction as utility superintendent.

As part of the Alamo1 team, Mr. Harris has expanded the specialized trucking division to become a full-service source for any loads, weight, size, and distance

Our Specialized Transportation has the ability to carry 450,000 pounds. Our most common loads are transformers, vessels, construction equipment, substation equipment, and heat exchangers.

Mr. Harris’ broad experience also allows Alamo1 to be the foremost source for crane service, and, our technologically-advanced Jack-and-Slide (the Hydra-Slide) system to offload vessels, transformers, and other heavy equipment up to 500 metric tons. This equates to a million pounds smoothly sliding into place.

Mr. Harris carries a lot on his shoulders. He is responsible for a fleet of over 75 various pieces of equipment (including a 17-axle, 100+ ton trailers, 3 steerable Cozad trailers, specialty haul trucks with planetary rear ends, and numerous other heavy haul trucks). Mr. Harris also serves as the Vice President of our Specialized Logistics division (third-party logistics / freight forwarder). Above all, Mr. Harris has a personal mission to be the best in the field for his customers.

In his free time, Mr. Harris is passionate about his family and calf roping. He competes professionally, as part of a long line of family roping. His grandparents and parents were fierce roping competitors, and now, he is passing his love and experience in the sport down to his kids. He also likes to hunt, fish, bail hay, and work on his farm.

Ervin Weiman

Vice President, Energy Services

Mr. Ervin Weiman is located at our Giddings office of Alamo1. As Director of Energy, he is involved with measuring, tracking, evaluating and communicating results to management. He is responsible for technical regulation of downstream petroleum sector in accordance with the requirement of the law.

Effectively Mr. Weiman ensures safety and environmental enforcement functions as well as performance and business practice monitoring functions in the sector are carried out efficiently. He also provides administrative leadership for staff, evaluating performance and ensuring all staff members are properly trained for professional development.

Robert Naylor

Vice President, Stormwater Management

Mr. Naylor joined the ALAMO1 team in 2016, bringing with him a wealth of experience in Stormwater management, state and federal compliance, acquisition, and contracting. He grew up in a military family, stationed in Greece, Crete, England, Turkey, and Alaska, but he eventually landed in San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Taft High School and he immediately entered the environmental field.

He has been an environmental consultant, an acquisition representative for heavy equipment around the globe, and owner of a Stormwater management company. He was responsible for countless projects regarding gas station compliance, storm pond construction, Stormwater management, runoff pond maintenance, TCEQ requirements, and many other environmental projects.

Because of Mr. Naylor’s contribution, the Stormwater Division has expanded in crew size, project size, capabilities, and region availability. Mr. Naylor has dedicated projects across the entire state. He specializes in turnkey services that satisfy the needs of his customers – no matter the size, scope, or location.

Mr. Naylor is married to his wife, Donna, and they have two kids. He has a been a volunteer fireman since 1995 in the small towns he has lived. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman. He stays busy with the work required on his property. He manages beehives, plants trees, repairs fences, and he maintains a quaint 2-bedroom log cabin on his property that he and his wife offer as a bed-and-breakfast.

When he is not hunting or fishing, Mr. Naylor can be found piloting his drones for commercial use. His work can be found in real estate, television commercials and he’s been used by local police and fire departments.

ALAMO1 is very grateful for the experience Mr. Naylor provides. And, for his character that he contributes to the team!