ALAMO1 incorporates the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to provide a depth of information and transparency that cannot be achieved otherwise. We combine state-of-the-art technology and decades of disaster management experience to gather and deliver the intelligence our clients need.

Our services are vital for rapid needs assessment, search and rescue operations, or medical interventions. We offer the most reliable and highest-grade information-gathering equipment so our clients can build, identify, and maintain situational awareness for the jobsite or in a disaster situation.

Benefits of drone usage also include employee safety, reduction in hazard exposure, real-time imagery, comparative results of current versus future site conditions. UAVs provide a standout benefit during inspections, audits, and site assessments.

ALAMO1 provides clients with good, clear, quality intelligence so clients to make data-driven decisions.

  •    Certified UAS pilots (military-grade)
  •    Small & Medium Rotary and Fixed Wing
  •    Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance
  •    FAA waivers for night-flight
  •    Airspace Management Incl. Non-Cooperatives
  •    30+ Hours Flight/Loiter
  •    30 Sq.Miles of Real-Time HD Ground-View
  •    10-Sector Simultaneous Macro-Zoom
  •    Survey-grade mapping and scanning
  •    Self-contained or integrate into host operation
  •    Secure, Integrated Data Management
  •    Full range of Sensors (RGB, thermal/IR)
  •    Operations Center Support
  •    Owned satellite
  •    In-House Processing

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ALAMO1 provides new and existing clients with unmatched expertise, hands-on service, honest assessments, and job integrity. Contact us for information to get it done!

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