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Our professional staff includes registered environmental professionals, safety specialists, geologists, and chemists. With more than 400 associates on staff, employees are available to respond to incidents and spills of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. All of our response and field personnel are trained in emergency response, hazardous materials handling, incident command and confined space entry and rescue. We maintain additional personnel to assist with emergency and non-emergency response, project cleanup, and scheduled remediation projects. Individual certifications and resumes are available upon request from the corporate office.

The education and technical training of Alamo1 personnel covers the full range of environmental disciplines and assures our clients thorough consideration of all critical environmental aspects key to each project.

For over two decades, our personnel have developed their respective areas of expertise to create one of the leading project management firms in the Southwest. Today, Alamo1 has expanded operations to include the entire state of Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Meet the Alamo1 Management Team


As President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Salas provides leadership for the organization’s growth and performance at all levels to ensure optimal customer service and business longevity. He continuously works to foster and strengthen relationships with technical and contracting personnel and clients and has traveled around the world in pursuit of new business opportunities with clients as well as to seek out acquisition targets and tuck in opportunities.

Mr. Salas negotiates contracts and implements strategic teaming relationships to ensure the company provides innovative service solutions to all clients. He is knowledgeable of federal, state, and local laws and international building codes governing construction projects worldwide. He also has extensive working knowledge of federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations as well as broad based experience in federal and state regulatory compliance.


As Chief Operating Officer of Alamo1, Mr. Sellers is responsible for directing the managerial and financial aspects of the company’s operations to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. With more than 20 years of experience in senior management positions, Mr. Sellers is recognized as a dynamic leader, motivator and results-driven professional, adept at strategic planning and operational execution to effectively drive multiple business unit operations to absolute success. He works very closely with the Alamo1 Executive Team of VicePresidents and Division Manager, to ensure the company is positioned for revenue growth, effectively handling and adjusting to the day to day operational challenges, so the company can continue to proactively provide solutions to clients’ needs, and continue to introduce new products and services to meet customer demands in competitive environments.


As Controller of our San Antonio office, Ms. Rose Mendoza is directly responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting of an organization. She oversees the financial reporting procedures and methodologies of the corporation, ensuring their accuracy and adherence to proper format and standards. Ms. Mendoza’s responsibilities include managing day-to-day, monthly, quarterly and annual accounting department activities; applying generally accepted accounting principles to all activities; processing all invoices and payments to vendors and supervising timely remittances; monitoring, managing and forecasting cash flow; scheduling and directing billing to clients; preparing general ledger and financial statements on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis; monitoring activities of the firm’s accounting department; negotiating and maintaining relations with banking and financial institutions and administrating the computerized accounting system.


As Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Kory Steen is involved in everything from the development of products and services, to the creation of marketing strategies, to the generation of sales leads, to negotiating and closing deals. He is in charge of identifying new business opportunities in new markets, new partnerships with other businesses, or new ways to reach existing markets, to better meet the needs of existing markets. Mr. Steen has also developed and maintained reoccurring maintenance programs for municipal, residential, and other vital facility systems.


Mr. Richard Schriber is located in our Houston office and as Vice President of Remediation he supervises and directs construction and environmental remediation services, along with the design personnel and clerical staff. He administers and coordinates the work of project staff, contractors, and consultants. Mr. Schriber acts as principal liaison with clients, contractors, and consultants on facilities, studies, or projects. He originates and prepares necessary technical contract data, specifications, drawings, and cost estimates. He also inspects quality and quantity of work, maintains accurate records of work and schedules, and ensures compliance with specifications and regulatory requirements for environmental and construction projects associated with government as well as non-government entities.


As Vice President of the Specialized Construction Division Mr. Williams is an experienced professional with over 13 years in construction, facility maintenance, project management, planning, team development procedures. Responsible for the daily operations of the Specialized Construction Division, he is a highly effective and motivated senior manager with intimate knowledge of Federal, DOD and other US Government agencies construction operations. He manages the organizations operations by directing and coordinating activities consistent with the established goals, objectives, and policies. He develops action plans for major construction projects, implements programs to ensure attainment of business plans for growth and profit, and provides direction and structure of the operating units. Mr. Williams also actively participates in developing policies and strategic plans. His vast experience includes worldwide construction and security related processes. Mr. Williams works directly for the Alamo1 Executive Team while providing direct oversight of all aspects of this Division and supporting the highly demanding nature of all our clients.


Mrs. Cindy Salas is the Vice President for the recycling and municipal solid waste disposal division of the company. She has over 10 years of Waste Management background experience and coordinates, directs, and monitors the scheduling to maintain consistency with established goals, objectives, and policies.


Mr. Steve Daugherty is located in the San Antonio office of Alamo1, as the Abatement Division Vice President. In this role, Mr. Daugherty directs managerial and financial operations of the abatement division on a daily basis. His responsibilities include controlling overall performance and the planning of the direction of the abatement division. With over 16 years of experience, Mr. Daugherty works very closely with the Alamo1 executive team to assure that key client’s initiatives are completed in a timely and responsible fashion, allowing the company to deliver the most efficient solutions and services to its clients. He is proficient in the coordination of all site activities with owners, occupants and the various contractors required on these projects.


Mr. David Robles, Vice President of Demolition and Recycling, specializes in demolition of commercial and industrial projects and is responsible for the application of company expertise in a variety of areas including waste reduction and recyclables marketing. Utilizing a solid understanding of technical issues and manufacturing processes, his business experience in construction has permitted him a thorough understanding of the cost savings that can be realized through proper waste management. The demolition team offers clients the ability to deconstruct equipment, buildings, and problems through keen insight and knowledge of process systems.


Mr. Ervin Weiman is located at our Giddings office of Alamo1. As Director of Energy, he is involved with measuring, tracking, evaluating and communicating results to management. He is responsible for technical regulation of downstream petroleum sector in accordance with the requirement of the law. Effectively Mr. Weiman ensures safety and environmental enforcement functions as well as performance and business practice monitoring functions in the sector are carried out efficiently. He also provides administrative leadership for staff, evaluating performance and ensuring all staff members are properly trained for professional development.


As Vice President of Specialized Transportation, Mr. Milton Harris is one of the key components in providing our clients with the best solutions to fit their transportation needs. He is responsible for guaranteeing the capabilities of all of our specialized trailers and our professional drivers. As a result we are able to maximize productivity and minimize costs.


As Director of Municipal Solid Waste, Mr. Blake Caesar coordinates, directs, and monitors operations-related health, safety, and environmental compliance programs, issues, and results. He assists in developing, monitoring, and instituting programs and procedures to ensure environmentally sound, safe, and legal operation of all activities. Mr. Caesar develops and implements policies and procedures necessary to meet requirements of occupational health and safety, corporate health and safety policies, and federal, state, county and/or, local health and safety regulations. Mr. Caesar also develops, implements, and assists in enforcement of policies and procedures to assure a safe workplace for all staff members, contractors, and visitors.


As Director of Engineering, Mr. Gregorio Osuna has over 40 years of experience in the construction, petroleum and chemical industries. His ample experience in the research, design and submittal of recycling process, and involvement in construction projects involving unstable soils has been proven him to be a vital asset to this company. Mr. Osuna has significant experience with budget preparation and enforcement as well.


Mr. John McCauley has over 20 years of experience in various safety and quality related positions. He is an exceptional director with superior abilities to motivate personnel and enhance overall quality, efficiency, performance, and compliance with procedures and regulations. Mr. McCauley has a proven track record of exceptional service and support directly focused on achieving corporate and client goals and objectives safely and accurately. As an experienced and detail-oriented QA/QC Director, He focuses on compliance with all safety and operational policies and procedures.

He oversees 100% accuracy of logs, records, and reports to ensure smooth deployment of resources. Mr. McCauley possesses a keen ability to recognize and implement streamlined processes that reduce errors, increase organization, and improve operational quality and efficiency. Mr. McCauley comes to Alamo1 with an impressive military background. Serving as U.S. Air Force Chief of Safety, he was directly responsible for all aspects of installation site safety for 190 personnel. In this role, he also directed incident response and on-scene command, as well as coordinating multi-national operations.

Prior to his military service, Mr. McCauley worked in the construction industry, performing interior finish out and concrete form setting. John also serves as Alamo1’s corporate pilot.


Dr. Scott Harris is a Course Director and Advisory Board member of the North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Center at UNC - Chapel Hill, a guest lecturer for the Oklahoma State University Fire and Emergency Management Administration program and a Continuing Education Instructor for the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Utah. His experience covers over 30 years of EHS and disaster management in general industry, federal and state government, consulting and university instruction.

Currently the Director of EHS Services for ALAMO1, Scott received his PhD in Environmental Science, with a specialization in Disaster and Emergency Management, from Oklahoma State University and holds degrees in Public Health and Geology from Western Kentucky University. Dr. Harris is a nationally recognized expert in preparedness and response management and a former Region 6 U.S. EPA Federal On-Scene Coordinator who held key Command and General Staff roles in nationally significant Type 1 responses including Space Shuttle Columbia, Hurricane Katrina NOLA (water search and rescue, Murphy Oil), Deepwater Horizon, Enbridge Pipeline and the 2015 USDA Avian Influenza outbreak.


Rob Naylor has over 25 years of experience in the environmental compliance field, specializing in the construction, repair and maintenance of all major commercial and residential stormwater detention, retention and filtration pond systems, including VORTECH and Jellyfish. He coordinates with developers and engineers in the planning stages of pond construction to assure adequate design and capabilities. Prior to joining the ALAMO1 team, Rob established and ran Naylor Solutions Inc. for 15 years and was a volunteer Firefighter for the Helotes and Grey Forest Fire Departments for 10+ years. During that time he has served in many community and industry associations, devoting his spare time to fundraising and helping others.


Mr. Wright is recognized expert in fuel properties and fluid flammability, combustion, and flammability mitigation. He is also a leading scientist in fuel tank flammability and explosivity. He established and supervised experimental laboratory, bench-scale, and full-scale techniques used for characterizing fluid flammability and explosion hazards. He was involved in laboratory fuel tank flammability testing for the FAA and other commercial companies. Mr. Wright has also been involved in hydraulic fluid testing and fluid specification development of fluids such as non-flammable and bio-based fluids. Mr. Wright managed the flammability-testing laboratory that certifies phosphate ester type fluid used in commercial aviation as well as all DoD and commercial fluids. He holds patents in water-emulsion fire resistant hydrocarbon fuels.


Wade Hayden is the general counsel for the company. He also serves as contract administrator, coordinating and reviewing environmental proposals and contracts as well as implementing complete documentation and execution of proposals and awards.

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